Dear Friends,

On behalf of the EBMT 2018 Organizing Committee and our joint Iberian Scientific Committee it gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Lisbon for the 44th EBMT Annual Meeting, including the 34th EBMT Nurses Group Meeting, the 17th Data Management Group meeting, the 10th Quality Management Group meeting, the 7th Paediatric Day, the 3rd Pharmacyst Day, the 12th Patient, Family and Donor Group Day and the 2nd Psychiatry and Psychology Day. This ever growing number of dedicated days mirrors the truly comprehensive nature of our Group.

The Scientific Programme will include symposia and educational sessions related to the specific problems of stem cell transplantation. The meeting itself is a national committement of the 6 national transplant centres helped by a joint Iberian Scientific Committee and with the support of the Portuguese Society of Hematology. Being a small country Portugal has the particularity of holding one of the major European Donor Registries, with over 400,000 volunteer donors frequently involved in donations to all over the world.

We will offer you the opportunity to visit Lisbon, a friendly and welcoming city, considered by some to be the first global village in the world. This takes us back to the era of the great maritime discoveries in the XIV and XV centuries when the city was at the centre of the Eastern and Western maritime trade, bustling with people from many different parts of the world. In Lisbon you will find a perfect combination of tradition and vibrant modernity in a city spreading over seven hills, bathed by the Tagus river and extending into the Atlantic. The weather is usually mild, never too hot in the summer and plenty of sunshining in the winter.
The city has an good track record of hosting major international meetings, the airport has excellent flight connections with all major European cities and North America and is centrally located, only 15 minutes from the city centre.

The Lisbon Conference Centre is located by the river, near the historic neighbourhood of Belem and not far from the central part of the town.

We are delighted to welcome our friends from the EBMT and all EBMT participants to Lisbon in 2018 and hope you will enjoy the meeting.

Mohamad Mohty, EBMT President
Nicolaus Kröger, EBMT President Elect
Manuel Abecasis, Annual Meeting President
José Eduardo Guimarães, Co-Chair, Scientific Committee
Enric Carreras, Co-Chair, Scientific Committee
António Campos Jr., Chair, Local Organizing Committee
John Murray, President of the Nurses Group
Elsa Oliveira, Chair, Local Nurses Committee